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Spring Rosters Announced: 15U-Ford   |   14U-Lane   |   4th-Local   |   16U-Randle   |   16U Black-Randle   |   17U-Randle   |   15U/16U-Sayles   |   7th-Sayles   |   6th State-Smith   |   5th/6th-Williams    |   8th Local-Williams    |   National-2023    |   National-2024
2016-17 Season
The MWA Elite Basketball Club will offer opportunities this season for National (grad year) & local (black) teams. The National teams will play in Midwest events and out of town events in Lansing, Fort Wayne, Chicago, Indianapolis, etc. Local teams will play in Midwest events and local tournaments in southeastern Michigan, as well as Lansing, Ann Arbor, Flint, etc.

Teams could play as little as 60-games in the season or as many as 110, depending on the roster, parents, and coaches of each individual team. This is a special opportunity to play with the #1 tournament and league provider in Michigan, Midwest Athletics.

The 2017 Boys 3rd-12th Grade Spring Rosters are below beginning on page-3. Please find your team and review all of the season information provided below. If you are not going to be able to accept a roster spot, please inform us ASAP. The season will begin next week at your first scheduled practice day

Click here to view 2017-8 Information Packet
Team Info
Each player will have an individual season fee, uniform fee, aau meembership fee and basketball purchase.
Teams will play in 4-sessions of the D-League (Fall-II, Winter-I, Winter-II & Spring) & 6-10 MWA tournaments (58-70 games).
Teams will have the opportunity to make their own schedule and play in out of town events. Out of town events will be an additional charge per player and to be handled by each individual team.
Congrats to the MWA Elite 5th Grade Team! They are ranked #6 in the 2016 National USBA Power Rankings.
View the full USBA Power Rankings here.