About MWA Elite

About the Club

We pride ourselves on being a straight forward, caring basketball club. We always put the team and club first. Several of our leadership team have been involved with AAU, High School and College basketball for many years and understand the changing landscape.

Since the start, it has always been our vision to grow the number of MWA Elite teams that compete nationally, and eventually seek a National Sponsorship for the club. This is a tall goal for sure, but one we think can be achieved over the next 12 - 24 months. If all goes as planned, you will start to see additional MWA Elite teams playing on the road in 2016 - 2017.
Our success in the past, has been in part, due to having a dedicated team of great players that know each other and play well together. Where other teams regularly look to add "high profile" players in order to win tournaments, we succeed with a talented, core group of players that work hard and continue to improve their skill set and basketball IQ over time. This strategy makes our club unique---anyone can win by assembling the 7 best players from around the state or country---but it's a special experience to win as a result of hard work and dedication. This is the exact approach and model we will leverage to build out the vision for MWA Elite Club. We are a club on a journey, and as such are selective when it comes to choosing players and families to join our teams. We believe we will be successful based on the following principles:

  • "Time Spent Together. If you haven't done so, go watch a 7th or 8th grade high level AAU game. You will be amazed of the level of play and team chemistry. Most of the high level teams will have a core group of 4-5 players that have played together for a long period of time. Eventually it' s a combination of team chemistry, coaching and talent that wins games.
  • Commitment to the team. We expect our players and parents to be committed to the club and each other. We are not about club jumping and do not believe that moving a child from club to club works, additionally it sets a poor example, and often results in the player falling behind.
  • Trust. We trust each other. We have the belief that working together as a team to succeed and meet the team goals will also yield individual success When you have trust, you can do great things on and off the basketball floor.
  • Player Development. We work hard to develop players overtime. We are not just out there practicing and playing. We have a plan that we work each season with the goal of improving our players and our teams ability to compete at a high level.

    We are looking for players and families who believe what we believe. When we find them we hope that they will come along on our AAU Basketball journey, joining the other great families, with great integrity helping the MWA Elite and its players achieve great success.