ANNOUNCEMENTS: 2017-18 State & National Rosters Released - Click Here | 2017-18 State & National Team Tryouts Released - Click Here | 2017-18 Local Team Tryouts Released - Click Here | Great Finish at AAU Nationals: The club sent 3-teams to AAU Nationals in 2017, 2023(B),2024(B)- National & 2025(G). Team 2023 played in Hampton, VA in the 6th Grade Based Nationals. The event had 26 teams and some of the top ranked teams on the AAU circuit. 2023 had an impressive showing with a 6th place finish. | Team 2025 played in Orlando, FL in the girls 4th Grade D-2 Nationals. A newly formed team to 3rd place in the event. | Team 2024-National played in the D-1 National in Fort Lauderdale, FL

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We pride ourselves on being a straight forward, caring basketball club. We always put the team and club first. Several of us have been involved with AAU basketball for many years as well as working with the youth of today for a long period of time.

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16400 Eastland Dr.
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